About the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group

Get Involved in the Cleanup

There are many ways you can help in cleaning up the Willamette at Portland:

  • Contact the Chair, Jim Robison at 503-285-4805 or email jim @ jimrobison.org
  • Come to a CAG meeting. We meet the second Wednesday of every month from 6 PM to 8 PM at the BES Water Lab: 6543 North Burlington, under the St. Johns Bridge. All our meetings are open, and we are looking for new qualified members. We encourage you to step forward to share your concerns and advice.

Mailing Address

Portland Harbor CAG
8316 N Lombard St PMB # 344
Portland, OR 97203


CAG Membership

CAG Member Representation CAG Title
Jackie Calder University Park Neighborhood Vice-Chair
Tom Chisolm At-Large  
Bill Egan Sport fishing  
Laura Feldman At-Large  
Eddy Mundrick At-Large  
Robin Plance St. Johns Neighborhood
Barbara Quinn At-Large Secretary
Jim Robison At-Large Chair
John Shaw At-Large/Northwest Toxic Communities Coalition  
Darise Weller Linnton Neighborhood Treasurer
Jeri Williams Environment
Travis Williams Environment