Wanted: Real-life takes on the $1.4B Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup

As reported in the Portland Business Journal

By James Cronin, Published March 3, 2016

The EPA expects to issue its proposal in April. The plans would mitigate pollution in about 10 miles of the Willamette River from Sauvie Island to just past the Fremont Bridge.

Submit Comments to the CAG

EPA will be releasing the Proposed Plan for cleanup of the Portland Harbor in early April. To be prepared, the Community Advisory Group asks that members of the public read up on what has gone into the Feasibility Study (see links and articles posted on this website) to learn what to expect in the Proposed Plan. You may use the form below to submit your comments to the CAG. Your comments will be compiled with others for submission to the EPA during the public comment period on the Proposed Plan.

Cleaning up the Willamette - League of Women Voters Forum - February 9, 2016

EPA: Harbor Superfund cleanup plan must be approved by end of year

As reported by Jim Redden in the Portland Tribune


Grandinetti told the council the EPA is expecting to present its plan for cleaning up the Portland harbor in coming months. A series of public forums are scheduled to discuss the process and more will be held after it released. Grandinetti said the EPA is hopeful it can approve the plan by December, but warned of delays if that does not happen.

National Remedy Review Board and Contaminated Sediments Technical Advisory Group Recommendations and EPA Region 10 Responses

EPA Region 10 has provided their response to the recommendations of the National Remedy Review Board and Contaminated Sediments Technical Advisory Group Recommendations. These documents are available at the EPA Region 10 website http://yosemite.epa.gov/r10/cleanup.nsf/sites/ptldharbor

Region 10 Responses to National Remedy Review Board and Contaminated Sediments Technical Advisory Group Recommendations (PDF) (19 pp, 621K) - January 21, 2016

Willamette Insider January Newsletter

January/February 2016 issue of The Willamette River Insider newsletter is attached here. Read about the series of upcoming Community Forums.

Information Sessions and Forums planned

The US EPA will be hosting several Portland Harbor Superfund Informational Sessions during the next few months, while the Portland Harbor CAG, and other organizations will be hosting Superfund Forums. These sessions and forums will provide opportunities for more people to learn about what is happening in the Superfund process, and learn how to provide their own input.

Check the calendar (upper left of this website) for upcoming events.

Willamette Superfund cleanup may be delayed —again

According to a report in the Portland Business Journal:

"the NRRB's final report, which was to be received and responded to by the EPA by the end of this month, has now been pushed to the end of January."

Report: Willamette is safe for swimming, unless you're a fish

The Meyer Memorial Trust released a Willamette River Report Card. Here is the report in The Oregonian.

Travis Williams, executive director and riverkeeper of Willamette riverkeeper, a group dedicated to protecting the Willamette, said the report is encouraging, but perhaps overly optimistic.

OPB: Cleaning Up Toxic Contaminants In The Willamette River

OPB's Think Out Loud provides a look at the Willamette River cleanup:


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